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Alexandra Vance

Marine Scientist

Alexandra was born and raised along the Northumberland Straight, on the south-eastern shores of New Brunswick. Having spent her entire summers seaside, the Atlantic Ocean was quite literally her playground – she grew up snorkeling, swimming, boating, and playing “marine biologist” as pastimes. 

These early coastal experiences later shaped Alexandra’s academic and professional career pathways, while also igniting her passion of fostering ocean literacy among her local coastal community. She first started working with the Canadian Wildlife Federation (CWF) as a research assistant to assess the spatial and temporal risks to Leatherback sea-turtles, an endangered species, from commercial fishing gears in Atlantic Canada. Soon thereafter she accepted another position within CWF to coordinate the Canadian Marine Animal Response Alliance, and initiative to align regional NGOs and government agencies alike on the management of marine animal emergencies across Canada’s three oceans. Most recently, Alexandra was the project officer for the Coastal and Ocean Information Network of Atlantic Canada, where she was responsible for engaging several key stakeholders – including the public – on the topic of marine biogeographical information use and management. She continues to coordinate Oceans Week HFX which aims to help the local community celebrate our oceans while also inspiring awareness and advocacy.  

Alexandra received a BSc in biology and environmental sciences then a Master’s in Marine Management from Dalhousie University. Her master’s thesis focused on local seagrass species and their spatial and temporal relationship to bivalve aquaculture along the eastern coast of New Brunswick – making a full circle back to where she first started exploring our oceans. 

Alexandra lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, just minutes from the world’s second largest natural harbour.