Robert Rangeley | Oceana Canada

Robert Rangeley

Director of Science

Bob was always one of those kids who couldn’t stay out of the woods and water. It started in and around ponds, rivers and the Great Lakes, but he soon discovered that the ocean had a greater tidal pull.

Bob racked up more than 1,000 dives in field research during his masters and doctoral studies, and in post-doctoral work at the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans and Huntsman Marine Science Centre. He was with WWF-Canada for more than 14 years, first to help build its marine program, and later as a conservation vice president in Canada while also contributing to WWF’s global oceans and fisheries initiatives.

Bob joined Oceana Canada as Director of Science in July 2015. He was particularly drawn to the proven success of Oceana’s international campaigns, its new presence in Canada and the opportunity to focus his work exclusively on the protection and sustainable use of our threatened oceans.

Bob lives with his family just minutes from the Nova Scotia coast.