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Gulf of St. Lawrence


Exploring and Protecting Canada's Oceans


Oceana Canada’s expedition to the Gulf of St. Lawrence in the summer of 2017 will explore ecologically and biologically significant areas and provide scientific evidence to support the protection of habitat. There are several ecologically significant areas in the Gulf that have never been explored using technology that allows for sampling and high resolution imaging…until now. Oceana Canada will be connecting the world to the wonders of Canada’s oceans by deploying a world-class Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) to targeted areas in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

On board, a team of expert scientists, technicians, photographers and videographers will be joined by Alexandra Cousteau, Oceana Senior Advisor and granddaughter of marine explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau. They will monitor and share findings through daily at-sea video updates and live streaming. Scientists will also document the distribution and behaviour of sea birds, sea turtles and whales along the way, collecting important data on the larger ocean ecosystem – from the sea floor to the surface.

The Gulf of St. Lawrence is an ecologically and economically important area that people have relied on for thousands of years. It is home to unique species, some that live there year-round, and others, like whales, which travel long distances just to visit this special spot. Living on the sea floor are corals such as sea pens, fish, including wolffish and redfish, as well as crustaceans like snow crabs and lobsters. The unique ecosystem is made up of nutrient-rich currents from the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans and freshwater drainage from the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River system, creating a unique marine habitat that connects Canadians, including those that that live far inland, to the ocean. 

For more than a decade, Oceana has been conducting expeditions around the world, exploring and protecting habitats off the coasts of Europe, the Philippines, Chile and the United States. Oceana Canada is excited to bring expertise and passion for ocean exploration to Canada starting in 2017, having just wrapped up its virtual expedition in the Canadian Gulf of Maine with Dalhousie University and Canadian Healthy Oceans Network. Through expeditions, we can better understand and protect our precious marine resource. 

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