From the brightest coral reefs to the most remote waters, invaluable seascapes exist below the surface of the world’s oceans. Many of these locations play essential roles in the lives of marine animals — providing food, protection from predators and places to spawn. By minimizing the damage of fishing in areas such as these, we can allow fish populations and other marine life to flourish.


Oceana Canada’s inaugural expedition will take us to the Gulf of St. Lawrence in the summer of 2017. The expedition will explore ecologically and biologically significant areas and provide scientific evidence to support the protection of habitat. There are several ecologically significant areas in the Gulf that have never been explored using technology that allows for sampling and high resolution imaging…until now. Oceana Canada will be connecting the world to the wonders of Canada’s oceans by deploying a world-class Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) to targeted areas in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The expedition will explore this area in a way we’ve never seen before, potentially discovering pristine coral and sponge areas. 

Expedition goal 

Through expeditions, we will protect critical habitat and support healthy oceans. 

Video courtesy of Oceana