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Blue Shark

Prionace glauca

Also known as

Blue dogs, blue pointers, great blue sharks


Global oceans; tropical to cold temperate


Pelagic/open ocean

Feeding Habits

Active predator

Conservation Status

Special concern/data deficient


Order Carcharhiniformes (ground sharks), Family Carcharhinidae (requiem sharks)


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Blue sharks get their name from their beautiful blue colour. They have distinct indigo blue on their backs, vibrant sapphire blue along their sides and white underbellies. This species is one of the most widespread and easily recognizable sharks. Because of their inquisitive nature and need to gently investigate everything and anything that crosses their path, they have earned the nickname “blue dogs” or “puppies of the sea.” 

Blue sharks are long, slender sharks found in the open ocean. On average, they reach two to three meters long, although they can grow to four metres. They have a unique colour, which helps to distinguish them from other sharks. Blue sharks are a highly visually oriented predator, which is why they have large eyes, compared to the size of their head, and a long pointed snout. Their slender tapered body and long pointed pectoral fins allow them to swim quickly and glide along ocean currents.