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Redfish (Acadian & Deepwater)

Sebastes fasciatus (Acadian) & Sebastes mentella (Deepwater)

Also known as

Atlantic redfish, redfish, rosefish, beaked redfish, ocean perch


Northern Atlantic


Rocky bottoms

Feeding Habits

Active predator

Conservation Status

Special concern/threatened/Endangered


Order Scorpaeniformes (scorpionfishes & flatheads); Family Sebastidae


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Acadian and Deepwater redfish are so similar in appearance that they are frequently lumped together as one species, particularly in the commercial fishery. There are also accounts of breeding across species, producing hybridized redfish. Redfish are called “ocean perch,” although they are not perch at all. This name arose during the 1930s when there was a shortage in freshwater yellow perch due to overfishing, at which time fish harvesters began substituting red fish fillets, similar in colour and texture and half the price. 

Both Acadian and Deepwater redfish are a short-bodied fish that range from a bright orange colour to bright red. They have a large head compared to the rest of their body, a wide gaping mouth and large eyes. They average about 50 centimetres in length but they can grow larger.