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Oceana Canada’s Science Symposium

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An abundant ocean is possible. Rebuilding fish populations can be our legacy. 

Healthy fish populations are critical to healthy ecosystems: they feed communities, support economies and are essential to our survival.

On October 26, 2022, take part in Oceana Canada’s symposium: Rebuilding Abundance: Priorities for a Resilient Ocean. Fishery and industry experts, Indigenous and community leaders, and policy-makers will come together to help create an agenda to address what’s needed to rebuild Canada’s fisheries and adapt to an increasingly uncertain future, due to climate change and other growing threats such as pollution, biodiversity loss and habitat destruction.

Symposium Themes 

AN ABUNDANT OCEAN IS POSSIBLE: What is the potential for rebuilding abundance in Canada’s oceans in the next decade? 

AN ABUNDANT OCEAN IS OUR LEGACY: What are the growth opportunities for food security, income and livelihoods in coastal communities?

UNLOCKING CANADA’S POTENTIAL FOR A BLUE ECONOMY: What changes to ocean governance and investment is required over the next five years?

Read Oceana Canada’s latest report: Fishery Audit 2019: Unlocking Canada’s Potential for Abundant Oceans at FisheryAudit.ca.

See what happened at our inaugural Rebuilding Abundance symposium in 2016: