Join the Central Coast of British Columbia Expedition


Oceana Canada partners with researchers, non-governmental organizations, the federal government, Indigenous Peoples and the fishing industry to study sensitive marine habitats and advocate for their protection. This is essential for the future of our planet: it supports healthy, productive ecosystems and the recovery of depleted fish populations that coastal communities depend on.

Since 2017, Oceana Canada has been conducting expeditions that combine science, technology, community engagement and advocacy with the wonder of ocean exploration. Using technology such as livestreaming, we bring Canadians along with us as we explore the ocean and collect data that helps direct how best to protect it. 

Although a great deal of progress has been made recently, less than eight per cent of Canada’s ocean territory is protected. More needs to be done to ensure that future generations have healthy, abundant oceans. 

In 2017, Oceana Canada and Fisheries and Oceans Canada’s expedition to the Gulf of St. Lawrence explored the Laurentian Channel, the American Bank and the Cape Breton Trough. Canadians watched in real time as a leading-edge Underwater remotely operated vehicle explored never-before-seen areas of the ocean. This research has helped us learn more about one of Canada’s newest protected areas, created to protect redfish and sea pens in the Laurentian Channel. The specimen samples and video evidence collected are being analyzed and will inform further habitat protection in Atlantic Canada. 

Watch Highlights From the Gulf of St. Lawrence Expedition